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Our tireless newsletter crew is out delivering the latest issue of the Sumner SUN straight to your door! The Fall 2015 issue will help us get ready for the winter while reflecting on our summer.

Inside this issue:

  • Radon talk at the October 20th community meeting.
  • A map and listing of the trees to be planted along I-205
  • An update on the crosswalks on Sandy Blvd.
  • Photos from Sumner’s summer events!
  • News briefs of local interest

You should receive your copy soon. You can also pick up a copy at the CNN office behind the fire station.


You read that right: Trees — free of charge — from the city and Friends of Trees if you sign up by Monday, February 6 at the Friends of Trees website. Sumner is one of the few neighborhoods selected this year to receive the free offer. The planting date for our neighborhood is Saturday, March 10.

Here are more details from Elsa Little, an Americorp volunteer with the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services.

Hello Sumner Residents!

Always wanted a street tree, but not sure if there was room? Didn’t have the time to plant it or the extra money to buy one? I’m happy to inform you that the City of Portland and the non-profit Friends of Trees are partnering together to offer FREE street trees for your neighborhood.

Friends of Trees logoFriends of Trees not only focuses on greening neighborhoods, but also on building relationships and strengthening communities. Signing up doesn’t obligate you to plant a tree. It makes it possible for a city forester to inspect your planting strip for a location where a tree can be planted. City inspectors consider infrastructure an utilities when determining an ideal tree location. After the inspection, you’ll be sent a personalized list of trees, with descriptions, that have been approved for your space. After selecting your tree species, you will have the opportunity to plant trees with your neighbors on planting day. In addition to community building, tree planting includes hole digging, an eight- to 12-foot tall tree delivered to your home, planting assistance, mulch, stakes, and follow-up tree inspections: a $200 value! On planting day, volunteers enjoy meeting their neighbors, greening their community, and sharing a celebratory potluck lunch afterward!

Yard trees are also available through Friends of Trees for purchase at $35 per tree, including all of the assistance listed above.

Alternatively, you can sign-up for a free street tree with the City where an appropriate tree will be selected and planted for you by a professional contractor. Sign up online at by Feb. 6th or call Matt Krueger to learn more about planting with a contractor at (503) 823-2978. Get your free tree this spring!

Interested in learning how to get trees planted at a school, community center, or elsewhere? Feel free to contact me, Elsa Little, at or (503) 823-9732.

I want to add here: These are nice healthy good-sized trees they plant. They’re not small or spindly. And you have a wide selection to choose from. For examples, see photos from the neighborhood planting in March 2009.

Three guest speakers + a lot of status updates to report = a long October meeting. Many thanks to our Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) secretary, Erica, for these (abridged) notes from the October 18, 2011 meeting.

Report from Portland Police Officer Jerry Cioeta

  • Presented offense report from past 30 days- “smash and grab” car prowls and home invasions being a focus with upcoming holiday season.
  • Suspected activity of 82nd & Sandy Blvd. The perception of activity is often exaggerated. Is currently working with 7-11, Dotty’s and Pizza Hut businesses on a Trespassing Agreement. Questions of what kinds of activity happen at the intersection: drugs (heroin), prostitution and fights. Because of efforts of Portland police (prostitution detail) some activity is down from 3-4 years ago.
  • Neighbors brought to the officers attention, suspicious activity in the vicinity of 90th and Going street. Officer Jerry is well versed with “JT and crew”. Scott requested more patrols on Going st. Scott has invited Mark Wells, Community Policing Officer to November’s meeting for Neighborhood Watch discussion.
  • Addressed questions of Neighbors who have called CNN/Ronda regarding Magazine salespeople sales tactics, especially to elderly neighbors. Officer Cioeta is familiar with the magazine companies (operating with a legitimate business license) and based out of the Howard Johnson hotel on 82nd. He encouraged to not answer door and to call the police if any problems with magazine salesperson.

Guest Speaker: Michael Andersen of Willamette Pedestrian Coalition: WPC is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting walking and making the conditions for walking safe and inviting.

  • To become involved with WPC please call 503-223-1597 or
  • Anticipated completion of the “Getting Around on Foot” 54 pg. Action plan- Working with PBOT, Trimet, and ODOT to ensure that walking is a part of their planning and development projects.
  • Another resource for Transportational Related issues, 503-823-SAFE (7233)

Guest Speaker: Babs Adamski, Community Outreach Coordinator, City of Portland Office of Planning & Sustainability to discuss the new composting program:

  • Gave a little history of Phase I (co-mingling) & II (food waste compost) of solid waste/recycling efforts
  • Residents seemed more concerned with pests- Metro, Vector control, Mult. Co. Health dept. weighed in on the health concerns-it is unlikely if you have not experienced any previous problems with pests, you will not with the new collection system- (covered containers)
  • Answered questions regarding the new composting Curbside Collection “Be Cart Smart”. Need help? See or call the hotline 503-823-7202 or email:
  • Update on 19 Nov 2011: Holiday composting tips from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability: Include the Food: Holiday tips and tricks (34 KB DOC)

Other business:

  • Approval for Draft calendar for 2012. Approved with three updates: (1) Friends of Trees purchase deadline for yard/sidewalk trees Feb. 6, 2012 subject to extension; (2) Johnson Lake Stewardship work party TBA – more details on stewardship program needed; (3) Annual Sumner Neighborhood Clean Up, date changed to Saturday, May 19th, 2012.
  • Update on Halloween Party. Heather secured donations from Cascade Station Subway; Mountain Coin to bring games to event; Candy donations accepted through 10/27.
  • Update on Community Garden. Scott met with Parkrose School Superintendent, Dr. Karen Gray and business manager, Mary Larson today. Garden plans were well received. Recommendations were to attend the upcoming Parkrose School Board Meeting and present to the board for review. Steering committee is to be formed.
  • Johnson Lake Stewardship. Recent clean up was well attended. As per calendar amendments, April 2012 clean up event TBA-More information needed on Stewardship Program from Parks & Rec.
  • Liquor License Application. Please refer to website for most current information on this topic.
  • Friends of Trees. Save the Date the Neighborhood Tree Planting (with Parkrose, Argay, Parkrose Heights, Russell & Wilkes) – Saturday, March 10, 2012. Sign up by 2/6/12. Deadline to purchase trees is 2/20/12. More information to come.
  • Update on 82nd to 47th and Sandy Blvd Paving project. Postponed until Spring 2012
  • Sumner Pride Litter Patrol. 1,543 lbs. of Litter collected so far this year. Next clean up, Saturday, 10/29/11
  • WTS septic pumper and processor. The WTS Conditional Use Permit pre-application conference is scheduled for Oct 20. Web links to the City of Portland and DEQ pages — and ongoing updates — can be found on the SAN website.

Last year we planted more than 20 trees in Sumner including Maples, Elms, Oaks, Magnolias, Apples and Asian Pears. Be a part of the 2011 planting!

Go to to get started. The deadline to sign up is Monday, February 7.

FoT plant it logo

Select your tree(s) online and Friends of Trees will coordinate the tree delivery, provide supplies and help dig the holes during our neighborhood tree planting on Saturday, March 12.

If you are a resident of Sumner neighborhood here in Northeast Portland, contact Ronda at 503-823-3156 or email to receive a $10 discount coupon for your tree (yes, the supply of coupons is limited).

If last year is any indication, the trees delivered will be gorgeous. For more information, read about last year’s tree planting in Sumner neighborhood.

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