In June and July 2016, about 545 people attended a series of six inperson open houses hosted by BPS held across the city

In June and July 2016, about 545 people attended a series of six inperson
open houses hosted by BPS held across the city

As a reminder, the Residential Infill Project Stakeholder Advisory Committee (RIPSAC) seeks to
find a solution to the projected 123,000 additional households expected to call Portland “home” by 2035. Keeping in mind that 20% of the additional housing units will be built in single-family dwelling zones and that the Urban Growth Boundary is what it is, Portland needs to create new “rules” around the scale and design of new construction as well as address what you can do with the property you currently
have. The first step in all of this is to change the zoning code so that limitations are loosened for square footage.

Owners of property affected by the proposed changes should receive official notices in the mail. Public review of the draft proposal ended on August 15th and the committee compiled public feedback into
a published summary:

With this feedback, staff is developing recommendations for City Council. These should be available the week of October 10. City Council will then have a work session on November 1. A public hearing will follow on November 9. Zoning code amendments will occur through a legislative process in 2017. Feel free to get involved and get updates via their e-newsletter available at

And if you have any specific questions relative to Sumner’s land use changes or any questions pertaining to Land Use or Transportation in Sumner, feel free to email your local representative: Erin Middleton at


SAN July Community Meeting continues the talk

We will learn more about Portland’s comp plan and how it will affect Sumner

SAN Community Meeting
Tuesday, July 19, 2016

7:00 p.m. / 6:30 p.m. social time
CNN office (behind the fire station at Sandy Blvd.)
4415 NE 87th Ave., Portland OR 97220

“Portlanders have expressed concerns about the size of new houses, demolitions and the rising cost and lack of housing choices throughout the city. In response, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is taking a fresh look at the allowances for development in single-dwelling neighborhoods.”

At June’s meeting we shared what we’ve learned about Portland’s Residential Infill Project. SAN members have attended recent Portland “Open House” meetings and will share what they’ve learned. Residents are encouraged to provide their input here up until August 15, 2016.

We will also vote on changes to the SAN bylaws that will keep the association effective and invite active participation.

The Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) holds meeting nearly every month of the year. We were happy to meet several new neighbors last month. Stop by and learn all the news, and happenings! Grab a treat and a cuppa, have a chat, or just sit back and relax. The meetings are guided by our friendly Chairperson Yvonne and run smoothly with a chance for everyone to speak.

PLUS: Learn the latest neighborhood news, “One-Minute Concerns”, updates from our neighborhood police officers, coffee, treats and free raffle prizes


You should have received the summer newsletter in your mailbox. Click the image to read it online, or pick up a copy at the CNN office.


National Night Out BBQ: Thursday, July 28th, 6-8pm at the CNN office parking lot.
Ice Cream Social: Saturday, August 13th, 12-3pm at Helensview High School.

For more information, call the CNN office at 503-823-3157 or email For more information of upcoming events, visit our Facebook page.

Our neighborhood meeting will be held this Tuesday, June 17th at 7pm at Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN) conference room, 4415 NE 87th Ave (side door of the fire station.) Light refreshments at 6:30pm. Our guest speaker is Nan Stark, Northeast district liaison for the City of Portland’s Planning and Sustainability Bureau. She will discuss the change in zoning designation proposed for Sandy Blvd in the Comp Plan Update.

Shaded area shows the properties suggested for zoning designation change on Sandy Blvd

Shaded area shows the properties suggested for zoning designation change on Sandy Blvd

Last year, activity ramped up for the Comp Plan Update, the 30-year plan for the city. During the fall, the city gathered public input via the so-called ‘Comp Plan Map App’ online. That input included a proposal from city planners to designate property on Sandy Blvd in Sumner neighborhood for rezoning. On the surface, this proposal could fit with results of a 2009 neighborhood survey seeking more walkable residential businesses, such as a grocery store, coffee shop or bakery.

At our May meeting, neighbors expressed concern about the rezoning of Sandy Blvd from 53rd to I-205. As part of the plan, the city is considering multilevel storefront commercial which will have an impact on parking. This meeting is a chance to learn more and present your questions about the city’s plan.

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