Update 30 Oct 2012: This is a revised draft handed out at the October 16 meeting. Send us your comments per the instructions below.

By Sumner neighborhood land use & transportation chair Jacob Warren & SAN chair Scott Somohano

This month’s Sumner neighborhood meeting (in NE Portland) will be devoted entirely to developing our goals and visions. So be sure you mark October 16 at 7 PM on your calendar and bring your great ideas. Refreshments and pizza will be provided.

Three maps from PDX Plan

Caption: Three views of Sumner neighborhood from the draft Portland Plan. From left, grocery store distance, park distance, and connectors and neighborhood centers.

This next year is going to be a busy year in land use planning for our fair city. Coming off the success of the Cully Plan, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is getting down to business updating the city’s Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is essentially the city’s long term plan for the management of land-use, transportation, education, public health, and natural resources. It provides the vision for what our city will look like in the next twenty to thirty years.

Most importantly, the plan update is an opportunity to get some of the goals and visions of our neighborhood into action.

But wait, what are our goals and visions? That’s where we can really use your help. We need to know what you would like your neighborhood to look like in the next 10-20 years.

As a starting point, here is a rough draft plan (218K PDF) shared at our September 2012 neighborhood meeting. (It has been supercede by the October draft cited in the update above.) What do you think is missing? What do we need more of? What do we need less of? We can’t know unless you tell us. Just about anything is up for grabs: streets, schools, parks, clean air, shopping, dining, you name it.

If you can’t make it to the meeting, but still want to give input, feel free to let me know any time, at jawarren86@gmail.com or sumner.neighborhood@gmail.com. Also if you’re interested in following the Comprehensive Plan Update, send an email to pdxcompplan@pdx.gov and they’ll subscribe you to their monthly newsletter.

If you need proof that this kind of input can make a difference, just look at the sidewalks installed on Sandy Blvd this year & the community garden under construction at Helensview. Both projects are the result of priorties set by you — our neighbors — in your responses to our 2009 neighborhood survey (44K PDF).

For more background about the Comp Plan Update, see ‘Citizen slots open on Comp Plan Update Advisory Groups‘ published in March earlier this year.

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Another National Night Out barbecue, another attendance topper! Last year we had 100 people and this year we must’ve had 130+ attend. It was tough to count because — unlike last year — everyone didn’t show up at once.

Thanks to everyone who helped and volunteered — grillmaster Eugene and grillmaster junior Cyril, Ronda and her girls and boy, Alison and CNN who co-hosted, DAV Bingo (who loaned us stacks of (heavy) tables and chairs), Gary Davis who entertained us nonstop with music, Erica and her boys who helped us pack up, and everyone else I’m forgetting.

Here’s a few photos by Heather Somohano.

A-board sign greets neighbors out front
A-board sign greets neighbors out front

Gary Davis provided entertainment on the keyboard
Gary Davis and his keyboard provided entertainment

A Mr Miyagi moment between Eugene and Cyril
Eugene shares a Mr Miyagi moment Cyril at the grill

Youngsters and their dad
Youngsters enjoying some fun

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Sumner newsletter for summer 2012 The newsletter for summer 2012 (2.8 MB PDF) for Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) in NE Portland, Oregon, is now available online!

This issue was delivered a week or two ago. Thanks to Patricia who whipped up & laid out the vastly improved design. Thanks also to our many intrepid neighbors who volunteered to deliver the newsletter to your very door handle: Marcy, Janet, Cyril, Henry, Karen, Katherine, Colin, Tish, Molly, Erica, Heather, Katana, Jay, Emily, Karrie, Cindy, Ronda, Jacob and Joan (the newsletter delivery ringleader)!

Much of the newsletter is stuff you’ve seen on this site already.

Items include:

  • Grant approval and soil test for the Helensview Community Garden.
  • Annunal neighborhood National Night Out barbecue.
  • Portland comprehensive plan update & how Sumner neighborhood can set priorities within it
  • Notes from May and June meetings
  • Helensview graduates 68 students.

Our monthly neighborhood meeting on Tuesday, August 21, has been CANCELLED.

Please save the date for our next meeting on Tues, Sept 18. Our guest speaker will be Debbie Bischoff, Senior Planner with the Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability, to talk about the Portland comprehensive plan update & how Sumner can best express its priorities.

Light refreshments during social time at 6:30 PM. Meeting is at the usual location: CNN conference room, 4415 NE 87th (aka side door of Fire Station #12, just north off Sandy Blvd).

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Thanks to Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) secretary Erica Martin for taking such detailed meeting notes.

Highlights are below but you can download or view the full Sumner neighborhood meeting notes here:

Highlights for March 2012

  • Guest speakers: Three candidates for city council position #1: Incumbent Amanda Fritz, State Rep Mary Nolan, and businessman Bruce Altizer.
  • Helensview community garden: Grant approval pending in May. Ground breaking in June.
  • Graffiti grant: CNN granted funds ($700) to SAN for graffiti abatement. Looking to paint in June, July and August.
  • Sumner Pride litter patrol: February turnout our best ever: 12 people and 356 pounds of litter collected.

Highlights for April 2012

  • Guest speakers: Cary Watters from Friends of Gateway Green and Sarah Coates-Huggins of the Portland Parks and Recreation. They spoke about the Gateway Green project (along I-205 south of Maywood Park) and the Sullivan’s Gulch Trail project (along I-84 from the Willamette River to Gateway Green).
  • Helensview community garden: Soil testing scheduled for April 19.
  • Sandy Blvd sidewalk project: South side confirmed to begin installation on May/June. Will include a crosswalk at NE 87th at Sandy. The crosswalk planned for NE 91st will be part of a different project, now slated for 2013.

Highlights for May 2012

  • Guest visitor: Delivery guy from Pizza Hut (at 82nd and Sandy) with a stack of pizzas!
  • Neighborhood cleanup and garage sale: Slated for Saturdays, May 19 and June 2, respectively.
  • Helensview community garden: Two important pieces of good news: (1) East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District approved our $17,000 grant request; (2) The soil test came back clean. With that good news, the preliminary garden design was shared & feedback was gathered for an improved design. Details of the feedback are in the May meeting notes PDF.
  • SAN lot adopt a highway: Jacob filed paperwork to ‘adopt’ the SAN lot (between NE 92nd and I-205 north of Sandy Blvd) as part of our neighborhood litter patrol.
  • Ad hoc Bylaws committee: Eugene, Erica and Rachel agreed to meet and discuss for a proposal to simplify.