This Saturday — June 7, 2014 — is our fifth annual neighborhood garage sale in Sumner neighborhood in NE Portland. We have 7 homes officially signed up. Look around for signs for others while you’re in the neighborhood.

Click here for your printable flyer! Flyer has garage sale locations on map, hours and lists of items available at each sale.


All sales start at 9 am, and there’s lots of great stuff to be had!

Baby clothes, air hokey table, “garage full of garage stuff”, tires, electronics, musical instruments, Craftsmen tools, hexagon fish tank, washing machine, and so much more!

If you are not familiar with Sumner neighborhood, we are located between NE 82nd and I-205 north of Sandy Blvd (near The Grotto). See you there!


Photo courtesy of Sumner neighbor Kimberlee.

The Sumner Neighborhood Garage Sale is on Saturday, June 7, 2014. We have still have spots open for this popular event. Sign up for free!


  • Your address and merchandise info will be printed on a map for shoppers attending the garage sale
  • Your sale will be included in our advertising on Craigslist
  • Printable signs available for download
  • A day of fun and some extra cash!

The cutoff date to register is Tuesday, June 3. We’ll confirm by mail or phone to be sure you’re still in. Maps and signs will be available online at 5 PM, June 6. There is no registration fee.

Sign up here on our Garage Sale easy sign up form.

For further info, call Ronda at 503-823-3157 or email

This Saturday — June 1, 2013 — is our fourth annual neighborhood garage sale in Sumner neighborhood in NE Portland. We have 12 homes signed up. Get your printable flyer (500K PDF) here! (Link to flyer has been removed.)

Update (6 PM, 1 June 2013): Thanks for visiting…sorry, the sale is over until next year!

2013 garage sale map thumbnail

Most sales start at 9 AM. Lots of items are up for grabs, and this year the sellers describe them with their own words. Here’s a sample:

…Flavorware Oven Deluxe, LaPresse Food Slicer, Eureka Enviro Multi Steamer, Digital TV Converter (for Analog TV-New in Box), 2 Round White Storage/Laundry Baskets, Vented Low Style Chaise Lounge (No pad), Hummingbird Feeder…

Another example:

House decor in dark wood, modern design, DIY furniture, dining room tables, 4 cushion chairs, vases, 3×3 ottoman with butler trays, Blackwell dresser. Priced to sell.

One more:

furniture, file cabinets, computer towers, printers, electronics, small work bench, tools boxes, pressure washer still works.

If you are not familiar with Sumner neighborhood, we are located between NE 82nd and I-205 north of Sandy Blvd (near The Grotto).

Unlike previous years, unfortunately this year our garage sale is not on the same date as the annual garage sale in Maywood Park — just across the overpass. This year their annual garage sale is Friday to Sunday, June 28-30.

The newsletter for spring 2013 (2 MB PDF) for Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) in NE Portland, Oregon, is now available online!

Sumner newsletter for winter 2013 This issue was delivered over the last two weekends. Thanks to Patricia for another georgeous design and layout.

Thanks also to our many neighborhood volunteers to deliver the newsletter to your very door handle: Marcy, Janet, Cyril, Henry, Karen, Katherine, Colin, Tish, Molly, Erica, Heather, Katana, Jay, Emily, Cindy, Ronda, Jacob and Joan (the newsletter delivery ringleader)!

Items in this issue include:

  • Annual neighborhood cleanup at Helensview School on Saturday, May 11
  • SAN board elections on May 21 (and the deadline for filing by Wed, May 8
  • Top five reasons to sign up for the annual neighborhood garage sale on Saturday, June 1 (sign up free online)
  • An earthquake map as a preview for our guest speaker from the Red Cross Oregon Trail chapter about disaster preparedness at our May 21 meeting
  • Calendar of events through June, including litter patrols
  • Notes from February and March meetings
  • And much more!

But wait, there’s more! An insert (1 MB PDF) includes the following:

  • Flyer with details about the May 11 neighborhood cleanup
  • Application form to run for the SAN board, file by May 8
  • Application form to join our neighborhood garage sale on Saturday, June 1
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