SAN September Meeting Notes

Sumner Neighborhood Association General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Due to COVID-19 Virus this meeting was held electronically through Zoom.

  1. Call to Order & Introductions: meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Chair, Yvonne Rice via Zoom.
    Board Members present: Dave Ganslien, Hannah Lewis, Ronda Johnson, Tim Batog, Virginia Petersen, Karen McAninch. Not in attendance: David Wiens, Henry Shannon, Janet Shannon.
  2. Approval of Agenda, Yvonne Rice: Motion made to approve September 15, 2020 General Meeting Agenda with possible amendments by Dave Ganslein; seconded by Karen McAninch, MSP. Motion passed.
  3. Approval of General Meeting Minutes for May 19, 2020 and Jun 16 2020, Yvonne Rice: Motion moved to accept the May 19, 2020 and Jun 16 2020 General Meeting Minutes with possible amendments by Dave Ganslien; seconded by Hannah Lewis, MSP. Motion passed.
  4. Treasurer’s Report, Ronda Johnson: current balance is $1,580.65. Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Dave Ganslien, MSP; seconded by Karen McAninch. Motion passed.
  5. Guest Speaker with City of Portland, Homelessness & Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program (HUCIRP), Jonathan Lewis: talked about the current homeless situation and porta-potties placed throughout Portland. Gave information on how to report camps and emails with names of those to contact to report homeless issues and the importance of filing reports. Neighbors discussed how the crime rate as gone up and how they are uncomfortable walking in their neighborhood. It was suggested that since the City no longer supports Neighborhood Watch, we, as a neighborhood, put together our own version of neighborhood watch.
  6. Parks & Open Spaces, Tim Batog: nothing new to report. Tim has been monitoring the open space at 87th & Emerson St.
  7. Crime & Safety: Paul Lamb and his wife, Nikki, have resigned from the board. They are moving to Sherwood, Oregon. Asked if anyone would like to fill that position.
  8. Land Use & Transportation, Dave Ganslein: nothing new to report. A neighbor reported a vacant house with garbage piling up on NE 90th Ave.
  9. New Business – Status of CNN and Civic Life Contract, Ronda Johnson: A one-year contract with Civic Life was reviewed and signed by the CNN Chair.
  10. Old Business – Electronic Newsletter & Neighbors Night Out Update, Yvonne Rice: The last Sumner Sun Newsletter was put together and sent electronically through Constant Contact which saves us money that we would have spent on printing and mailing. The City of Portland moved the originally scheduled date of August 6, 2020, for Neighbors Night Out to October 6, 2020, however, the city is not supporting any events. We have canceled Neighbors Night Out.
  11. Open Comments, Yvonne Rice: Neighbors talked about the homeless and the crime associated with campers.
  12. Adjourn Meeting: motion moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 pm by Dave Ganslein, seconded by Hannah Lewis; MSP. Motion passed.

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