Crosswalk education at Sandy Blvd. and NE 85th on Wednesday, July 5, 2016

Here’s a refresher on Portland pedestrian and crosswalk law

From: The City of Portland

The City of Portland Bureau of Transportation, Portland Police Traffic Division, and local pedestrian and bicycle groups conduct “crosswalk education and enforcement actions” throughout the City. Each crosswalk education and enforcement action is an opportunity to educate community members about Oregon crosswalk laws and to enforce the law. View the results of the 2005-2016 Crosswalk Education and Enforcement Actions.

crosswalk photoA crosswalk education and enforcement action includes one or more pedestrian decoys strategically positioned at locations that have marked or unmarked crosswalks and a fair amount of pedestrian activity and vehicle travel.

Drivers that fail to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk according to Oregon law can be issued a warning or given a citation that carries a presumptive fine of $260. Pedestrians that jaywalk can also receive a warning or a citation that carries a presumptive fine of $110. Crosswalk enforcement actions are conducted approximately once each month.

Oregon Crosswalk Law (ORS 811.028) states that “Motorists are required to stop and stay stopped for pedestrians in a marked or unmarked crosswalk when the pedestrian is in the motorist’s lane or the adjacent lane.” Drivers must stop and remain stopped until pedestrians crossing the street clear the driver’s lane plus the lane before and the lane after the driver’s lane. When making a turn at a traffic controlled intersection, motorists are required to stop lane plus 6’ for a pedestrian. In addition, motorists are required to stop curb to curb for a person who is blind or blind and deaf, who is carrying a white cane or accompanied by a dog guide, and who is crossing or about to cross a roadway.

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