Local TV station KGW covers the WTS septic odor and zoning issue

Ed Teachout, investigative reporter at KGW, broke the story in our neighborhood about odor and code compliance at WTS. With any luck, other media outlets will also show interest.

KGW coverage 14 sep 2011

(Sorry, WordPress isn’t playing nice with KGW’s video embedding code. Click the picture above to view Ed’s coverage at KGW in text and video.)

So far we have not had a response from the owner of WTS to our invitation to attend our next neighborhood meeting on Sept 20.

However, a representative from the city Bureau of Development Services, Mike Liefeld, will join us to discuss the conditional use permit application process. We have not heard back yet from the city Bureau of Environmental Services, but I hope to have a rep from their agency on hand to discuss the discharge permit, the compliance order, and other related questions.

If you missed it, please also check out our original article about WTS.

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