Volunteers and donations are welcome for various events and projects undertaken by Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) in NE Portland.

Events and projects

Our longtime events include:

  • Spring debris cleanup in May
  • National Night Out barbecue in August
  • Annnual children’s Halloween party in October

Newer projects include:

  • This website: Launched summer 2009
  • Our monthly litter patrol: Launched February 2010
  • Johnson Lake stewardship: Re-launched August 2011
  • A community garden at Helensview: Concept plan drafted in October 2011. Grand opening March 2013.

Specific volunteer opportunities

Volunteer opportunity #1 – Board and committees: Yes, SAN has a board and we could have committees handling specific areas to work with teh corresponding board member. We plan a board election during the summer 2013. Areas of interest include land use and transportation, open space and parks, crime, litter and beautification, etc.

Volunteer opportunity #2 – Event planning: In 2009, we conducted a neighborhood survey. The top five events desired by survey respondents are: Annual neighborhood cleanup, neighborhood garage sale, litter patrol, Halloween party, and block parties.

Do any of these interest you? We need small groups — often 3 to 5 works best — to form plans and recruit for these events. Eugene & Ronda already head up planning for the annual cleanup and the Halloween party, but they can always use help.

Volunteer opportunity #3 РThis website: Scott (SAN chair) is also our webmaster. He wants to share permissions with other neighbors who want to post neighborhood-based items on this site.

To volunteer or to learn more, contact Ronda Johnson at 503-823-3157 or email Scott at sumner.neighborhood@gmail.com.