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Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016
7:00 p.m. / 6:30 p.m. social time
CNN office (behind the fire station at Sandy Blvd.)
4415 NE 87th Ave., Portland OR 97220

GUEST SPEAKER: Mark Wells, City of Portland

Our guest speaker will be Mark Wells of the City of Portland. He will talk about restarting our Neighborhood Watch. He will provide an overview, tips and answer questions.

Mark Wells coordinates Portland’s Neighborhood Watch and Community Foot Patrol programs, and works with neighbors on other kinds of community building.  Visit Portland’s Neighborhood Watch and Community Foot Patrol pages to learn more about these programs.

The Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) holds meeting nearly every month of the year. We had a special crime meeting in August with a lot of neighbors in attendance. We can use what we learned from each other to tailor a neighborhood watch program for Sumner.

Stop by and learn other news, and happenings. Grab a treat and a cuppa, have a chat, or just sit back and relax. The meetings are guided by our Chairperson Yvonne and board members will present information about land use, parks, crime and more.

PLUS: “One-Minute Concerns”, updates from our neighborhood police officers, coffee, treats and awesome free raffle prizes!


This is a special meeting in response to the recent uptick in crime in our neighborhood. This is the only focus of this meeting, no other business will be discussed.

SAN Special CRIME Meeting
Tuesday, August 16, 2016

6:00 p.m. meeting starts / 5:30 p.m. social time
CNN office (behind the fire station at Sandy Blvd.)
4415 NE 87th Ave., Portland OR 97220

This is a very important meeting you will not want to miss. Police Officer Bob Boyland & CNN Crime Prevention Rep. Meg Juarez will be in attendance to discuss with us the crime problems relating to the Sumner Neighborhood. Here is a chance for everyone to present & discuss their concerns with our Police Officer.

Topics include: theft, trespassing, drug activity, squatters, prostitution and more. Bring your specific concerns. Present facts (to the best of your ability) with street address, descriptions, or anything that will help officers help resolve problems.

We hope that this will be a very productive meeting with the goal of improving the safety and livability of our neighborhood.

For more information, call the CNN office at 503-823-3157 or email sumner.neighborhood@gmail.com.


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The new year is starting off on a high note: January was an even quieter crime month than December here in Sumner neighborhood of NE Portland.

Here is the map, as shown by CrimeReports.com:

January 10 crime map of Sumner

Neighborhood response officer Eric Zajac has confirmed that he’ll join us for our monthly neighborhood meeting on Thursday, Feb 18. Mark Wells, our crime prevention coordinator, may also be on hand. The Feb 18 meeting will be at 7 PM at the usual location: 4415 NE 87th Ave (side door of the firehouse, between NE Sandy and NE Prescott).

Two thefts
Both were along upper NE Sandy.

  • Dec 15 – 9100 block NE Sandy
  • Dec 19 – 8800 block NE Sandy

One assault
In past months these were near the neighborhood taverns. This month breaks that rule.

  • Jan 15 – NE Prescott & NE 84th, 12:12 AM

Two vandalism
I haven’t reported these in the past. Judging by local grafitti here in NE Portland, reports are probably lower than incidence.

  • Jan 24 – 4400 block NE 82nd
  • Jan 30 – 9000 block NE Sandy

Note: I typically don’t include reports near in the intersection of NE 82nd and NE Sandy, or right on NE 82nd, because they border Madison South and Cully neighborhoods.

To see 2009 in review for Sumner neighborhood, see this snapshot (285K MHT file) from the Portland Police Bureau CrimeMapper website.

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According to stats on the CrimeReports.com, a spate of stolen vehicles in early August declined to one stolen vehicle during September. But there were four burglaries spread around Sumner neighborhood of NE Portland during the month:

  • Sept 3 – 5100 block of NE 82nd Ave
  • Sept 10 – 8700 block of NE Alberta St
  • Sep 24 – 8900 block of NE Humboldt St
  • Sep 27 – 4400 block of NE 92nd Ave

September crime map of Sumner neighborhood

Caption: Map of crimes in September from CrimeReports.com

The one stolen vehicle was taken from 5200 block of NE 92nd Ave on Sept 1.

Other crime items:

  • Sept 1 – An assault was reported at NE Going St and NE 82nd Ave.
  • Sept 8 – A theft was reported on the 4600 block of NE 91st Ave.
  • Sept 15 – An assault was reported on the 8600 block of NE Sandy Blvd.

Other thefts are shown on the Crime Reports map, but their locations are on blocks shared by Sumner neighborhood with other NE Portland neighborhoods:

  • Sept 2 – NE 82nd and NE Sandy Bvld
  • Sept 16 – 8300 block of NE Sandy Blvd

In addition, the locations of other items are reported as “100 block Unknown St,” so it’s difficult to tell if the map location is accurate. Included with these:

  • Intersection of Columbia Blvd and Columbia Parkway (near the Holiday Inn) – Two thefts and one vehicle theft are shown on the map. The vehicle theft is dated Sept 30.
  • NE 82nd and NE Sandy – One assault on Sept 26 and one vehicle theft on Sep 24

Brief plug: Crime prevention coordinator Mark Wells will attend our neighborhood meeting Thursday night, Oct 8.

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