Do either the future or 82nd Avenue interest you? If so, please join Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) in NE Portland for our will host two guest speakers on Tuesday evening, July 16. Sandra LeFrancois of Central Northeast Neighbors and Lew Scholl of Montavilla Neighborhood Association will discuss the 82nd Avenue Community Forum held at Madison High School two months ago, recap elements of the final report (500K PDF), and discuss the next steps of the project.

The final report distilled nearly 100 forum participant responses in six key areas: Arts and culture, business development, crime prevention, family wellness, streetscape design, and sustainable transportation.

82nd Avenue Forum: How it fits the bigger picture

The 82nd Avenue Community Forum was held in the context of the city Comprehensive Plan Update, which is in development through next summer (2014), and still very much open for community input. The latest Comp Plan Update report is the Growth Scenarios report projects growth in Portland along four possible patterns: Central city, civic corridors (including 82nd Ave and Sandy Blvd), neighborhood centers, and default (recent trends). Both the civic corridor and neighborhood center models for planning future growth could mean greater zoning density along civic corridors.

Portland Comp Plan Update map: Civic Corridors and Neighborhood Centers

Caption: Neighborhood centers and civic corridors shown on a Comp Plan Update corridors and centers map (large PDF). Note how Sumner neighborhood is hidebound by these important corridors. The dotted-line circles are neighborhood center areas identified for commercial & mixed use growth.

82nd Avenue Forum: How it fits with previous work

In addition, the recent 82nd Avenue Community Forum builds on a very nicely done and detailed report called “Imagine NE 82nd Avenue” completed in 2008 by Madison South and Roseway neighborhoods in cooperation with PSU graduate students. Among other things, that effort defined two core goals for NE 82nd Avenue, that it:

  • “connects surrounding neighborhoods and improves livability as a walkable, safe, green, attractive mixed-use destination that nearby residents are proud of”
  • “provides access to parks, open spaces, community gathering spots, healthful local food, and a variety of interesting local businesses”

The Imagine NE 82nd Avenue report is especially useful given the potential for greater density on NE 82nd (and Sandy) in the Comp Plan Update. In particular, it includes a visual reference of building styles for different zonings. These styles can make a big difference in terms of livability and visual appeal regardless of density.

And, of course, SAN completed our neighborhood plan this past February. With that plan in hand, a rep from SAN participated with other NE Portalnd neighborhood reps in a mapping conversation during early June. Our neighborhood plan will be recast in the context of the growth scenarios for the sake of providing neighborhood feedback to the city for the Comp Plan Update. That means stating a preference about whether and how growth should be managed along our civic corridors, and nearby neighborhood centers (possibly including around the Sumner/Parkrose MAX transit center).

The SAN meeting will take place at 7 PM on Tuesday evening, July 16, 2013. We meet at the usual location, the Central Northeast Neighbors conference room, 4415 NE 87th, just north off Sandy (map). Please join us for this important topic!

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