The city Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) has informally notified Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) in NE Portland about the start of design work to enlarge the city’s pump station at NE Skidmore and NE 88th Ave.

City pump station at NE 88th and Skidmore

Caption: The city pump station at NE Skidmore and 88th is at the start of a two-year upgrade process. Construction is expected to start next year.

This project requires a Type III Environmental Land Use Review. Design will take about a year, and then construction will require another year after that.

Here are the high points, per Rhetta Drennan of BES:

  • The current pump station is old and undersized to meet the demands of additional development.
  • The new station would be about twice the size of the existing station.
    The new pumps are planned below ground in the wet well, and they should be quieter than the pumps are now in the current setup.
  • BES is very early in the design process. In fact they won’t begin the real design work until after the project has had its funding approved at council.
  • At about 30% design, BES will hold an open house for the public input and questions.

Sign on the pump station gateBES has also contacted The Grotto, as well as Madison South neighborhood association and the city of Maywood Park.

Anyone who wants to be notified of project update can email with “Grotto” in the subject line and she will be happy to add you to the list. SAN will post updates and the date when an open house is announced.

Shameless plug on an unrelated topic: Don’t forget to sign up for the Sumner neighborhood garage sale on Saturday, June 2.

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