They’ve started! Here’s a photo taken this morning at the outset of the Sandy Blvd sidewalk infill project in Sumner neighborhood of NE Portland.

Sidewalk infill project: Sandy Blvd at NE 90th

Caption: Multi-modal traffic passes as workers begin on the Sandy Blvd sidewalk infill project. This section is between NE 90th and NE 92nd.

Here are more details, received today from Sarah Figliozzi of Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT):

Phase 1 of the project is the south side of NE Sandy Blvd, between NE 85th/Skidmore east to 92nd Avenue. The north side of Sandy will be part of phase 2, for which we do not yet have a construction timeline as some of the slope issues need further design and survey work.

As I mentioned our crews began work this week at the eastern end of the project scope. According to the crew leader, as of yesterday they had excavated between 92nd and Prescott, built half of the sidewalk forms, and crews were going to be pouring concrete today. They’ll follow this pattern as they progress west.

Property owners and tenants have been told that their ability to access their on-site parking will be inconvenienced for a week or possibly longer, in order to excavate, build forms, and then allow concrete to dry.

We are very excited to be able to complete this work in your neighborhood and have been enormously pleased with the cooperation and support from the residents.

This $100,000 project will complete the last remaining section of Sandy Blvd west of I-205 that does not have sidewalks.

Phase 1 will also include an upgrade to the signal on Sandy at NE 87th for the fire station. The upgrade will change the signal into a pedestrian activated crosswalk signal.

For more information about this project, see this Feb 2012 report after Sarah spoke to at our monthly neighborhood meeting.

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