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As many of you know the city is going through a comp plan update process. They are supposed to update the comprehensive plan every 20 years and they are about 10 years overdue. The process has been a bit confusing. The first phase — known as the ‘Portland Plan‘ — was the concept plan setting strategic goals in a variety of areas.

3 maps of Sumner in PDX Plan

Caption: Three views of Sumner neighborhood from the draft Portland Plan. From left, grocery store distance, park distance, and connectors and neighborhood centers.

The recommended draft of the Portland Plan will be presented to City Council on April 18, 2012, at 6 PM — and presumably approved. The next phase, assembling the actual nitty-gritty comprehensive plan, is where there are opportunities available for citizens to serve on advisory committees.

In other words, if you don’t like or don’t understand how the city does this or that, here is your chance to learn something while helping to build the plan to last the next 20 years.

What kind of slots? Here’s a short blurb from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS):

Work on the Comprehensive Plan Update will be guided by eight Policy Expert Groups (PEG) comprised of City and agency staff, as well as members of the community. The primary function of the PEGs is to advise City staff on the development of the Comprehensive Plan Update and related programs. Members will work collaboratively to develop policy recommendations.

The PEGs will be composed of approximately 12 members each. An effort will be made to have a balanced group of community members and city/agency staff members. Each PEG will have a professional facilitator and meetings will be open to the public.

The Policy Expert Groups will address major themes from the Portland Plan and tasks required by the Periodic Review Work Program. They will focus their work around the following goals and topic areas:

1 – Community Involvement
2 – Education and Youth Success
3 – Economic Development
4 – Residential Development and Compatibility
5 – Neighborhood Centers
6 – Infrastructure Equity
7 – Networks
8 – Watershed Health and Environment

More information and a signup application can be found on the BPS website.

Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) is in just the beginning phase of reviewing nearby neighborhood plans, such as the Cully-Concordia Action Plan (2011), the East Portland Action Plan (2009) and Imagine NE 82nd (2008).

If you’d rather sit with a neighborhood group shaping our Sumner’s plan — which will be delivererd for rollup into the citywide comp plan update — we welcome your involvement here too. Just email us at sumner dot neighborhood at gmail dot com or call Ronda at 503-823-3156.

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