A few weeks ago, The Oregonian had a story about population shifts in Portland over the last 20 years. The story included three interactive maps showing the racial composition of Portland per US Census tract.

Sumner neighborhood in NE Portland pretty closely matches US Census tract 77 in Multnomah County. Tract 77 does not include the section of our neighborhood south of Sandy, yet it does include part of Sandy and Killingsworth east of I-205 — probably reflecting boundaries before I-205 was built.

Despite the imperfect match, I made a few screen captures displaying data for census tract 77.

Census map of Sumner, 2010

Census map for Sumner neighborhood, 2010

Census map of Sumner, 2000

Census map for Sumner neighborhood, 2000

Census map of Sumner, 1990

Census map for Sumner neighborhood, 1990

Unfortunately, the 2010 US Census website both does not have complete data yet posted for Oregon. In addition, their America FactFinder database is not easy to use, so I haven’t been able to pull other data, such as income, or to cobble together data that exactly matches Sumner neighborhood.

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