Two alternative transportation plans are open for your comments — and for one of them, time is running out.

Portland streetcar plan
The 45-day comment period for the Portland streetcar system concept plan expires in just a few days on Friday, Aug 14.

Under the 100-page concept plan, the closest the streetcar would intially get to our Sumner neighborhood is in Hollywood on NE Sandy Blvd and NE Broadway; and in Gateway on NE 102nd Ave.

However, the plan designates our part of NE Sandy Blvd as well as our part of NE Killingworth Ave as “Comprehensive Plan Streetcar Corridors” for future expansion after the initial phase. (I’ll try to find dates in the plan.)

The tradeoffs for the streetcar are higher density zoning and local improvement district taxes.

Comments on the streetcare plan can be e-mailed to

Portland bike master plan
The Portland Bicycle Master Plan is under review. No specific deadline is given for providing comments, but a Portland Planning Commission hearing is tentatively scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, August 25, 2009.

As part of the bike plan update, 15 miles of new bike boulevards is being proposed. The nearest new bikeway spelled out in detail is “N-NE Going bikeway,” (800K PDF) which extends east from N Vancouver to NE 72nd Avenue.

Sumner in the draft bike plan update

Caption: Sumner in the draft bike plan update

According to the draft NE Portland bike map (1.3 MB PDF), Sumner neighborhood has several proposed bike improvements: NE Alberta St (from NE 82nd to NE 91st) would be designated as a ‘bike boulevard.’

In addition, NE Prescott, NE Sandy Blvd, NE 82nd Ave are all proposed as ‘separated in road’ — presumably meaning that a bike lane would be painted onto those road.

By contrast, the existing NE Portland bike map (800K PDF) shows only NE Prescott as a ‘shared roadway’ for bikes and NE Killingsworth as having a bike lane.

For more information, e-mail:

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