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At our June meeting, the Sumner Association of Neighbors (SAN) discussed and approved a draft annual plan for 2009-2010. The plan borrowed from a recent draft plan for the Cully neighborhood association, and scaled back to fit our Sumner neighborhood, which is quite a bit smaller than Cully.

The SAN draft plan is slated to be amended and approved at the Oct 8 general SAN meeting (which is open to the public). The draft includes items in the following areas: Membership, Community Outreach and Involvement, Land Use, Transportation, Clean-Up, and Crime Prevention. It also includes a timeline for the coming year.

Because it is our first annual plan in a few years, the SAN board decided to conduct a survey to reach out to Sumner neighborhood residents and businesses as the best way to seek the widest possible input.

A survey was drafted and discussed at our special meeting on July 9. Volunteers agreed to review a second draft, and then provided the feedback which resulted in a final draft.

Beginning this weekend (Aug 15-16), SAN will begin knocking on doors to distribute the neighborhood survey by hand. The survey is free and anonymous. Residents can complete the 12-question survey online or they can fill in the paper copy by hand and return it to the CNN office at 4415 NE 87th.

The deadline for residents and businesses to complete and return the survey is Thursday, October 15. We hope to complete distribution by Sept 15. Results will be shared at our Community Family Night Gala Event on Thursday, Dec 3.

We are seeking volunteers to help knock on about 800 doors. If you’d like to help, please see the Volunteers page for more info.


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  4. Hi Carole & welcome! Yes, it seems quite a few residents south of Sandy mistakenly believe they are in Madison South. Hopefully the outreach and the survey will help.

    Yes, we have a quarterly newsletter distributed by hand, but our coverage south of Sandy hasn’t been very good. And yes, I have started an email list for Sumner. I have added you, but everyone else can join by sending mail to sumner.neighborhood (at) gmail.com.

    Welcome aboard! And nice to meet you yesterday. — Scott

  5. Carole Parkinson

    I have lived [on] NE 91st Avenue, in the triangle of homes south of Sandy Blvd. and just north of the Grotto for more than 3 years. My neighbor who has lived here for 20+ years informed me that I am actually in the Sumner neighborhood. She also showed me the survey and I am going to print one. I am pleased to be in your neighborhood association! I didn’t feel like we fit with Madison South. Do you have a mailing list for newsletters?

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